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Spring flower sugar cookies

I love making festive treats for Spring! These are easy to make and your little ones will love help making them, too. All you need is: Sugar Cookie Mix or store bought plain sugar cookies, Easter M&M’s (milk chocolate and pastel colors) and Frosting (Vanilla)

Grass Friends

Make your own Grass Friends! A fun Spring Activity for your family to enjoy. Your kids will absolutely love watching their Grass Head grow and giving it “grass haircuts”.

Spring Cup of Dirt Cups

Such a sweet dessert to celebrate Spring that your kids will LOVE to make and eat. All you need is: Oreos, Snack Pack- Pudding Cups, andn Gummi Worms

dinosaur fun with handstand kitchen 1

Our friends at Handstand Kitchen have great kitchen tools and sets for kids to use in the kitchen. We could not resist the dinosaur aprons, cutting board and knife set because my 9 year old LOVES being in the kitchen and she is a fan of dinosaurs.


The girls are loving the How To GoNoodle videos. The first recipe we tried was Cookie Dough Hummus and the girls LOVE it! I love that this is a no-bake healthy dessert for the kids to enjoy. Hummus is traditionally made with chickpeas as the main ingredient and other ingredients are added to make a flavorful treat for you to use as a dip. This particular chocolate chip hummus recipe is great as a dip or by itself. My girls love it cold and eat it by the spoonful! It reminds me of raw cookie dou


When parents bring a new baby into their home and welcome visitors to see their new bundle of joy, there are numerous priceless gifts you can give the new parents. New parents need help whether it is their first , second or third child. I have learned over the years that this initial visit can be so helpful to the new parents. Offering to help is the biggest gift you can give. So, you ask when you go visit a friend or family member after they have a new baby what do you bring? Or offer to do?

dog man puzzles and games

My daughter is a HUGE Dog Man fan. She loves the book series from Dav Pilkey and all things Dog Man. She really loves drawing the characters from the books and when we found games and puzzles that are from University Games we had to tell you all about them because they are AWESOME!

bubble school image

The Bubble School series is fantastic for kids and their families to read together and have meaningful conversations related to the content written in these early reader chapter books. The local Long Island author and Dad, Matthew Wilson has written these books during a time our families need it most. We are living through a pandemic and the uncertainty of schools closing and going virtual is always on our minds as parents/caregivers , teachers and students.

kale chips post

Simple to make and delicious to eat! Kale Chips are a great way to get your kids excited about eating leafy greens especially if they are in the kitchen with you preparing them and making them with you. I have found allowing my girls to prepare and cook foods in the kitchen with me gets them more excited to try more foods since they are involved in the process. When the food is ready to eat they are excited to try and let me know what they think of it.