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Toy and Gift Ideas we love:

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Shopkins Games

My girls love Shopkins and we are really enjoying all the games Pressman offers with a Shopkins theme. And of course, each game contains adorable Shopkins characters whether it is a collectible to add to your collection or used as a game piece. We highly recommend any of these games for the Shopkins fan in your life.

Wacky Links™

We love that you can build so many things and wear what you create, too! The possibilities are endless, kids and adults will enjoy this toy. Great for kids ages 3 and up (it does contain small parts) We have created bracelets, chain links, balls and so much more.

Orb Molecules

I love that the molecules are different shapes and colors. It allows you to add more details like eyes, accessories and small details. We can play for hours and I love that the toy does not dry out. My girls love to see what they have created and it is awesome that we can display what we have made until we want to play again.

Greedy Granny

If you are ready for lots of laughs with family and friends we highly recommend Greedy Granny. We love that you don’t know when Granny is going to wake up so it leaves for a suspenseful conclusion that everyone playing will enjoy. “Will you risk it for the biscuit?”

ALEX Spa Color Shift Ombré Nails

ALEX Spa Color Shift Ombré Nails are the girls favorite new polish! Why? Because when their body temperature changes or we wash our hands the colors of our nails change and that is AWESOME!

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